Ballets Confidentiels


Ballets Confidentiels is the performance project by Johanne Saunier and Ine Claes. Their aim is to show contemporary dance in new contexts and to collaborate with other art disciplines. 

Ballets Confidentiels' mission is to perform in places and events where contemporary dance is not expected to happen. Close to and in the environment of the, sometimes casual, audience Ballets Confidentiels introduces a dance that triggers surprise and curiosity . 

As sound plays a vital role in the choreographies of Ballets Confidentiels, Ine and Johanne translate each note and sound that is heard into a movement, Inviting the audience not only to listen but to see everything that is heard and unraveling a confidentiel side of the music.

For their live, staged performances Ballets Confidentiels often works with spoken word and collaborates with promising and established musicians.

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